We make the complex simple

We’ve re-imagined and simplified data analytics to help healthcare organizations leverage the power of all of their data sources, working together natively in an ecosystem that is dynamic and always learning.

Our Approach


Clearsense brings all data sources together in a scalable healthcare ecosystem that is constantly learning and looking for new patterns and insights. It normalizes data at the point of decision to help healthcare organizations realize immediate value from their “big data” assets.

The Clearsense difference


All Data Sources

Inception is capable of bringing all relevant data sources together at the point of decision to inform actions with the latest, most relevant insight.


Rapid Activation

Inception can be activated in a fraction of the time and cost it takes with traditional solutions with minimal impact on internal IT resources and infrastructure.


Cloud Based

The Clearsense data ecosystem is cloud based–making it secure, easy to activate, and capable of working with virtually any IT infrastructure or data environment.



Inception right sizes data at the point of decision, making it easy to adapt and scale as needs change over time.

At Clearsense, we help you realize value immediately.

Our cloud-based system is compatible with virtually any environment, and can be implemented in days, not months— with little burden on internal IT resources, Clearsense allows you to start realizing value rapidly, with measurable results that make it easy to show your return on investment.

Let us show you what Clearsense can do for your organization.